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Key Stock Market Data

Key Stock Market Data
As the merger of Curanum AG came into effect on February 12, 2015, all shares of minority shareholders were transfered to the majority shareholder Korian Deutschland AG. The stock listing of Curanum AG was quit as a result.


ISIN: DE 0005240709
WKN: 524070
Type: No-par-value shares
Share capital: 42,507,000 EUR
Number of shares: 42,507,000 pieces
Structure of shareholders:


Non-free-float* 100.00%, thereof: 

Korian-Medica S.A.      100.00%


Free-float* 0.0%, thereof:






* Source of the definitions for free-float and non-free-float is the code of practice for share indices of the German stock exchange, June 2010.

Designated Sponsor:
Financial year: 31.12.
Date of first listing: November 30, 1998
Stock abbreviation: BHS, Reuters: BOHG.DE, Bloomberg: BHS GR